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In a nutshell

The client’s challenge:

  • Drive Xeikon’s brand awareness and lead generation in a competitive market.

  • Optimize inefficient processes that pursue cold leads and lack insightful data.

Our solutions:

  • A comprehensive digital strategy, with a customer-centric attitude. 

  • A website with high-end CMS, and a robust marketing-and sales CRM.

  • Interactive tools: a solution wizard, a system for demo bookings driving customer engagement and conversions.

The results:

  • Our new digital strategy led to an increase in quality leads, conversions, and brand visibility.

  • Facilitating more effective marketing strategies and contributing to sales growth.

  • The CRM platform and underlying automation provided valuable insights into customer behavior, supporting the optimization of marketing efforts.

Xeikon is a leading global provider of B2B digital printing technology. Renowned for its innovative digital color presses, Xeikon emphasizes solutions tailored to the customer's needs and provides extensive training and consulting to their clientele. Headquartered in Belgium, Xeikon has a wide global reach, serving customers all around the world.
Business challenge

Gather qualified leads in a competitive industry

Xeikon initially approached us with a seemingly straightforward need: to create a website that accurately portrays their expertise and to improve their data capture process. However, as we delved deeper into the business context and challenges, it became apparent that Xeikon's needs were broader. The company still has a lot of potential when it comes to global brand awareness. Furthermore, they operate in a dense market with substantial value placed on each lead, lengthy buying cycles, and competition from renowned names like HP. 

With this in mind, it's no surprise that the marketing process in this industry can be arduous. Xeikon was no exception to this rule. Their sales team was perpetually traveling the world pursuing cold leads at conventions with the aspiration of securing a deal.

Meanwhile, the marketing department got caught up in the lengthy process of qualifying leads, a task that yielded minimal data or insightful information.

Thus, to fully address their business challenges, a more comprehensive digital strategy was required, surpassing just a website with a CRM and data dashboard.

More about digital strategy

Our approach in three key phases

Strategy development

Tailored solutions

We conducted multiple workshops with Xeikon's sales, marketing, and production directors from all over the world. These sessions helped us understand their business challenges and goals, value proposition, business model and market position.

We realized that Xeikon was an innovative, reliable, and respected supplier with a strong focus on advising their customers with the right solutions tailored to their needs. So it would be beneficial for them to showcase these strong points and use it to capture the right data for lead generation and qualification

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Technical setup

Dashboards for insight generation

We created a multi-year plan aimed at boosting business growth and brand recognition while also facilitating lead generation. The backbone of this plan was a customer-centric system, with a new, highly-structured website. This was augmented with a robust marketing CRM and a marketing automation platform for thorough lead scoring and grading.

These platforms were integrated to ensure seamless data capture and provide easy-to-understand dashboards for insight generation.

Because the new website would focus on a vast array of specific end-use applications, we encountered a complex data structure. 

  • We built a Statamic Content Management System in a custom Laravel framework (PHP). Using "recyclable" and user-friendly high-end content blocks, allowed easy future modifications by the customer.

  • Piwik was used to do tracking and capture analytics. Those insights were displayed in an easy-to-digest Databox dashboard. 

  • We optimized Pardot, which Xeikon used as marketing Customer Relation Management (CRM), working seamlessly with Salesforce as a sales CRM.

Growth trajectory

Boost customer engagement

Following the launch of the new website and underlying platforms, we started the growth trajectory, introducing a suite of interactive tools designed to boost customer engagement and drive conversions. This included a solution wizard, a price range calculator, an opportunity survey, a feature for sample requests, and a streamlined system for booking demos and event registrations.

Our marketing efforts span across local and global scales, launching ads to attract fresh visitors to the website and ensure return visits from existing ones. Meanwhile, we've fostered a robust database, brimming with valuable profiles and insightful data about our users.

This project marks only the beginning of the Digiti-Xeikon journey. Our collaboration continues to thrive as we enhance and oversee their online presence and interactions. Leveraging our comprehensive dashboards, we conduct quarterly assessments to gauge the company's conversion of leads into actual purchases.

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