Customer centric communication

Get to know your clients

This is not Tinder! Before you send your sales on a date with any prospect, you might want to delve a little deeper into your target group. Dive beneath the surface and explore their personality, preferences, decision-making power, motivations, frustrations, aspirations, and fears. Create comprehensive client profiles to ensure the perfect match between your offerings and their needs.

But is there a spark between your brand and your audience?

Through the funnel

Don’t be a conversational narcissist

Ever been on a date where the other person spent hours talking about themselves? Chances are, you wouldn’t want to go on a second date. The same is true for your prospects! They will lose interest real quick if you only talk about you, your company and your product or service. 

Empathize with their situation and show them how you can help, at every step on their life's journey. Genuinely be there for them, like a perfect spouse, day and night, without being too pushy.

Automated & goal-driven

Tedious, manual processes are so 2010

In this modern age, automation is paramount. It empowers you to seamlessly implement email marketing flows, track and nurture leads and conversions, and intelligently score and grade prospects. 

At the foundation of it all… data! Data allows you to know your clients, to build complete prospect profiles so you can personalize your communication. It also lets you monitor your sales pipeline & progress towards your business KPIs. So you can take action at any time.

Discover our interactive dashboards to find out how easy and insightful data visualization can be.

Show me!

Need some help with quality lead generation?

Our mission is to help you overcome your business challenges and achieve your goals. Our digital strategist Jan is here to listen and give tailored advice to your needs. Book a meeting with Jan for a fresh perspective on lead generation and the digital opportunities that lay ahead of you.

Get tailored advice

Discover our winning formula

Some scientists would contradict this statement, but there is no exact formula for digital success. It’s always a mixture of components that eventually give the desirable chemical reaction.

Step 1


A shiny new website is a good stepping stone to make your company stand out but it is only a quick fix. What if you broaden your view and take a look at your entire customer journey and conversion flow to generate leads? If you are willing to delve a little deeper and discover what your business truly needs in order to thrive, you stand to gain formidable results.

A solid digital strategy is the long-term digital roadmap you need to support your business goals like quality lead generation.

Discover more about digital strategy
Step 2


Our team of skilled developers specializes in crafting platforms that seamlessly integrate with our clients' existing tools and frameworks. Through our expertise in UI and UX design, we create digital products that deliver a captivating user experience, focussing on an optima conversion rate.

By leveraging the power of innovative marketing platforms and carefully curated content, we ensure that our client’s brand reaches its target audience effectively and converts them to the website to capture their data, which enables lead qualification.


Information architecture
UX/ UI design
Website development
Marketing & sales CRM
Conversion design & development
Step 3


Growth marketing is the ultimate solution to boost conversions and obtain those epic results you are looking for. To make sure we have a stable stream of website visitors that convert into leads, our marketing engine is always-on.

We use proven methods like scoring and grading to qualify incoming leads, in order to close the gab between marketing qualified leads and a sales qualified leads. To make all this incoming data insightful, we have a real-time dashboard visualizing KPIs, targets and lead status throughout the entire funnel.


Lead generation
Scoring & grading
Search engine advertising
Search engine optimization
Social media advertising
Creative campaigns
Converse rate optimization
Data captation
Data analysis
Direct marketing
Employee advocacy
I especially appreciated the flexibility and the combination of expertise in both the strategic and operational aspects of communication & marketing at Digiti!
Hendrik Verplancke, Sales director at Trilations

Clients we love to work for

A new digital chapter for a global digital printing company - Asset


A new digital chapter for a global digital printing company

Xeikon is a leading global provider of B2B digital printing technology. Renowned for its innovative digital color presses, Xeikon emphasizes solutions tailored to the customer's needs and provides extensive training and consulting to their clientele. Headquartered in Belgium, Xeikon has a wide global reach, serving customers all around the world.

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Taking airline technology to the skies - Asset


Taking airline technology to the skies

Aviobook, a Belgian scale-up, was founded even before the existence of the iPad. With our help, they revolutionized the aviation industry by digitizing all flight documents that pilots had to carry, replacing paper with real-time information. Their app also offers suggestions for flight routes, effectively creating electronic flight bags. Now scaled up and acquired by Thales, Aviobook competes with industry giants like Boeing and Airbus.

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