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Hitting a concrete wall?

When reassessing your ROI, are you realizing that you are allocating a substantial amount of funds in relation to the sales you generate?

Bringing water to the ocean?

Do you find yourself talking to the wrong audience because your data lacks consistency, hindering your ability to generate an adequate number of new leads?

Becoming outdated?

Are you experiencing the feeling of driving an old car on a modern highway, racing to keep up with the traffic that is your competition?

When leads don't lead anywhere

You're hustling hard, investing time, money, and endless cups of coffee into generating sales. But what if all that hustle isn't yielding the returns you want? Let's talk about why lead generation can sometimes feel like running on a treadmill—you're putting in the effort but not moving forward.

The missing link between sales and marketing

Are you finding it tough to convert leads into customers? The secret might lie in bridging the gap between your marketing and sales teams.

Here's the thing: not every lead is ready to become a customer. When you need to sell more with the same resources to see that more than 50% of your prospects end up in a ‘no deal’, there is something going on.

A ship without a compass

The #1 reason why lead generation can fall flat? No strategy. It's a painful thing to realize, but a lot of companies are still stuck in the pre-internet sales model, without a webshop, going for quantity rather than quality. With sales reps driving around to meet pointless contacts or sending bulk mailings to a decade old contact list.  

Well, you’re not alone! Many companies have realized that they may be missing out on too many opportunities because they’re not reaching the right prospects. Whatever the reason, there are many options available to you. Reach and listen to your target group, streamline your processes and boost your sales!

Did you know that 65% of the buying cycle takes place before your prospect has even had an in-person chat with sales?

Unlocking sales potential

We get that you might be skeptical about thoroughly analyzing your sales efforts. The path ahead is indeed challenging because there isn't a universal solution that fits everyone perfectly.

But consider this: boosting sales comes from finding the right potential customers, understanding them deeply, and using automated sales and marketing methods to support them.

And if you find out on the way that you have to take the term 'unlocking sales potential' very literally... don't be afraid of an ecommerce platform!

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Our mission is to help you overcome your business challenges and achieve your goals. Our digital strategist Jan is here to listen and give tailored advice to your needs. Book a meeting with Jan for a fresh perspective on your lead generation and spot new opportunities together with us.

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From data to dollars:
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Reach the right prospects

Reaching out to random prospects is labor-intensive with low success rates. To attract clients, dive deep into the hearts and minds of your target group, understanding their pains and ensuring genuine interest. Whether it is an ecommerce platform, social media campaigns or conventional email marketing. Find that perfect match!

Support your sales teams with hot leads

To empower your sales teams and enhance efficiency, prioritize providing them with genuinely interested hot leads. Targeting the right prospects saves valuable time and conserves company resources. And if you throw a fully automated and digitalized sales process in the mix, you can start selling online with epic efficiency.

Is your lead generation process hitting the mark? Find out with our 10-question checker.

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Invest in a digital, data-driven strategy that delivers

Offline efforts are still immensely valuable, but an up-to-date, smart digital approach that is based on data is indispensable to strengthen your offline efforts. Don’t stay behind. Make a plan with deliberate actions and collect as much data as possible.

See what works, what doesn’t and what you should change.

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Automate your online sales process

It sounds so obvious, like kicking in an open door, but are you already selling online? It's not new but you'll be surprised how many organizations shy away from webshops. It seems like a big digital step but an automated platform with exceptional user experience and an intelligent product information management system will get you started pretty good.

Tap into the power of prospects

Invest in a solid lead generation platform to drive qualified leads to your sales team. Or, explore the power of an insightful digital strategy revealing a long-term digital roadmap that supports your business goals. 

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Customer-centric & result-driven

Our customer-centric approach ensures we satisfy the user and deliver real, tangible results for our clients. We meticulously measure and analyze every step of the way to guarantee a ROI that’ll make our clients long for more.

Boldly creative

If we can dream it, we can find a way to make that dream a reality. And if not, at least we gained some surprising insights. One thing is sure: we're always on the hunt for the highest value, both for our clients and their customer.

Deliberately considered

Rather than diving right in, we’ll assess our client’s needs and the viability of our solution. We think the recipe through before we start whipping up a digital delicacy. We go above and beyond for our clients as well as the team.

I'm really glad we finally took the step to properly tackle the digital part of our business. With Digiti’s digital strategy workshops, we could now step by step figure out where our priorities lay and grow towards an ideal online ecosystem.
Pieter Heyns, IT manager at DCM

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