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On the verge of striking the ‘war for talent’?

Competing fiercely to attract top-notch professionals, but having a tough time bringing qualified talent to the table? 

Scouring the web without a gameplan?

Burning up your budget on a manual recruitment process with hours of headhunting, but to no avail?

Playing catch-up with a scattered database?

Are you working in silos and do you often miss out on potential candidates when follow-ups fall silent?

The talent tug-of-war

Many businesses grapple with hiring, especially in sectors where the talent war is fierce or demand surpasses supply. It's not just about finding the right people; it's about reaching and persuading them to join the team.

Stuck in the past

A significant number of companies are yet to embrace a digital recruitment strategy. They allocate vast resources to traditional recruitment methods, often overlooking the power of marketing in attracting potential hires. The result? A recruitment process that feels more like a treasure hunt without a map.

The costly chase

Relying heavily on headhunters can be a drain on both time and finances. With manual methods dominating the process and a limited reach restricted to curated LinkedIn lists, the outcome often is a high cost-per-hire and a disappointing success rate. 

Did you know that in 2023, 70% of talent professionals agree virtual recruiting will become the standard.

The application abyss

Once applications start pouring in, recruiters are swamped with the task of sifting through them manually. Without an automated filtering system, the process becomes tedious. And if a recruiter is unavailable? Applications get lost in the email void, stalling the entire process.

The need for a digital shift

In an era where everything is moving online, why should recruitment be any different? The absence of a centralized database or an automated follow-up system means potential talent might slip through the cracks.

Revealing the blueprint for recruitment 2.0


Mutual assured attraction

The first step in recruiting new potential is to draw in the right candidates. This isn't just about posting a job ad and playing the waiting game until the fish bite. It's about broadening organic reach, investing in paid promotions, and leveraging the power of employee advocacy. That last one can be a very powerful tool, knowing that humans are very susceptible for endorsement from close connections.

Information on a silver platter

A recruit-centric jobsite is essential. It's not just a list of job openings; it's a platform that informs potential candidates about the ethos of "working at" your company. Tailoring the site to resonate with your target audience's lifestyle, tone of voice, and brand image can make a significant difference. Think about providing valuable, easy to digest content to give prospects insights in your organization.

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The conversion code

Conversion in recruitment isn't just about getting a candidate to hit the "apply now" button. It's about creating multiple touch points, think:

  • an "is company X a fit for me" wizard;

  • downloadable application tips;

  • or book a chat with a team member.

Integrating these touch points with a recruit CRM ensures seamless data collection and the ability to activate automated email flows.

Referral, rewards, returns

Word of mouth is powerful. A referral campaign that incentivizes employees to share potential profiles can be a game-changer in the recruitment process. It's not only a good way to engage and reward your employees, it generally delivers higher quality candidates. Since the referring employee has a firsthand understanding of the company's culture and job requirements, they're more likely to recommend candidates who align well with these aspects.

Key takeaways

Sharpen your strategy to win the war on talent

Knowing where to allocate extra time and resources is a first step in bringing you closer to win the battle for new recruits. Competition in the job market is fierce. That's why every army needs skilled generals.

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