Data collection & system integration

Feel the data around you

You haven’t started properly collecting data yet because you’re unsure of where to start? Or you have, but the possibilities seem endless? Not to worry! 

There are plenty of tools that help you collect relevant data. It’s essential not just to focus on the sales pipeline, but also on the marketing flow. Be sure to pick systems that are interconnected and that collect data from the very beginning up to and including the post-purchase & customer retention stage.

Data visualization

Centralize and evangelize

You’ve collected data at every touchpoint along the buyer cycle, time to take a look. After all, you may have a wealth of data, but you may be poor on insights!

Visualize the data you’ve collected using an intuitive dashboard and predefined KPIs. It will help you turn your data into useful, actionable information.

Take a look at our interactive dashboards to find out how easy it is.

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Data driven decision making

A day without learning is a day…

You’ve drawn some interesting conclusions. Maybe you’ve spotted some hot leads for your sales teams. Or perhaps some prospects are not converting on certain channels.

Whatever the case may be, thanks to your analysis you’re able to make informed decisions on how to allocate your investments and ultimately boost your sales.

Need a help with your data strategy?

Our mission is to help you overcome your business challenges and achieve your goals. Our digital strategist Jan is here to listen and give tailored advice to your needs. Book a meeting with Jan for a fresh perspective on your data strategy and spot new opportunities together with us.

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Some scientists would contradict this statement, but there is no exact formula for (digital) success. It’s always a synchronized mixture of components that eventually give the desirable chemical reaction.

Step 1


Gathering data is a good stepping stone to get insights about your company’s performance, but it’s just a small stepping stone. You need to be willing to delve a little deeper and discover which data is already collected, where it's management and how to get an insightful view of all this data. Developing a strong data strategy is key to your succes.

Even better is a solid digital strategy that aligns your data strategy with the digital game plan you need to achieve your business goals.

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Step 2


To get actionable insights we integrate all data sources and make sure business-insights are visualized in a real-time dashboard.

Whether you want a bird's-eye view on your marketing qualified leads, closed deals or most popular products in your webshop: we've got you covered.


Data captation
API integrations
Step 3


Thanks to our insightful dashboard, we can easily report business metrics like KPIs and targets. And of course you're granted 24/7 access to the dashboard, which enables data-driven decision making.

Every step we take to enable growth, is based on data so we obtain the results you are looking for.


Data captation
Data analysis
All the puzzle pieces are now in place. After our digital strategy workshops with Digiti, we've indeed got a clear picture of our opportunities. With various steps, we could move towards a fully optimized digital platform. Furthermore, I really liked Digiti’s hands-on mentality.
Pieter Heyns, IT manager at DCM

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