Digitalizing a 150-year-old commercial cleaning supplier

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In a nutshell

The client's challenge:

  • Digital transform Dumortier, a 150-year-old commercial cleaning business.

  • Enhance digital presence and rebrand.

  • Transition to a user-friendly B2B platform with custom pricing.

  • Centralize scattered product information.

Our solution:

  • Strategy development workshops to identify the brand and its future vision.

  • Creation of a B2B e-commerce platform.

  • Implementation of a Product Information Management system.

  • Integration of all back-end systems for workflow digitization.

The result:

  • New brand image and organized product database.

  • 20% of total sales now online and boosted by 187% compared to 2022.

  • New customers increased by 511% in the first half-year.

  • 87% rise in website traffic due to effective marketing.

With a staggering 150 years’ worth of experience, Dumortier has become a leading commercial cleaning supplier. The dawn of the digital era has brought about a new range of opportunities to transform and sustainably grow their business.

Business challenge

More than just digital presence

Originally, the primary focus was on rebranding and enhancing the brand's digital presence. However, the strategy evolved to address scattered product information and dependence on tenders. A shift was required towards a more effective B2B service that incorporated custom pricing and a user-friendly platform where new and existing clients can do purchases and manage their orders. 

The challenge involved designing an extensive information architecture, analyzing technical requirements, integrating with warehousing tools, and understanding the flow of customers' interactions.

Goals and objectives

A complete overhaul

The strategy's primary goal was to increase brand awareness through intelligent rebranding and communication, promote sustainable business growth, and automate both internal and external processes to relieve the workload and optimize user experience. 

The plan also sought to create an eCommerce and PIM (Product Information Management) system with a data-driven approach for easier navigation and improved customer engagement.

Strategy development

Let's start at the beginning

Dumortier’s digital transformation began with a series of workshops to understand the company's pain points and vision for the future. The process led to a comprehensive digital transformation strategy designed to optimize Dumortier’s workflow, expand their business, and enhance their customer experience.

The rebranding exercise sought to preserve Dumortier’s 150-year heritage while introducing modern elements. The result was a refreshed brand identity that seamlessly merged past and future, characterized by Dumortier’s signature green color symbolizing growth, loyalty, and harmony with nature.

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The new digital platform built by Digiti is the bedrock for our business transformation. It’s important to us to optimize our internal processes without losing sight of our core values and the personal touch we’re known for. We’re very much invested in our clients and their needs will always be our highest priority.
Corinne Dumortier, CEO of Dumortier

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Technical setup

The new digital platform was designed to create a suiting ecommerce experience for B2B clients. It would offer customer-specific pricing options, providing the flexibility for immediate payment or the convenience of participating in a pay-later system. 

Our platform also featured an easy reorder function, granting customers the ability to quickly repeat their previous orders. Additionally, they would have access to contracts, pricing information, and order history.

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Under the hood

  • Using a PIM system, we centralized and documented Dumortier’s vast product inventory, making it easily accessible on the website. It also allows them to offer products on various marketplaces. 

  • The e-commerce platform was built on Shopware for its flexibility and user-friendly customer experience. It was fully integrated with all back-end systems to automate and digitize Dumortier’s internal workflow.

  • All insights and data about Dumortier’s marketing efforts are captured in Piwik and displayed in an easy to digest Databox Dashboard.

  • The automation tool of choice to knit this all together was Active Campaign.

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Growth trajectory

Once the seeds were planted, it was time to grow. We support Dumortier in their daily marketing operations, crafting social media posts, advertisements, and compelling content to consistently attract new, qualified leads to their website. 

In the growth phase, we supported Dumortier's daily marketing, creating engaging content to attract leads. Our efforts remain focused on generating opportunities and securing leads, all while maintaining their customer-friendly ethos. This strategy is driving their digital transformation and delivering remarkable results.

Outcome and results

A fresh, digital start

By moving their offline business online, Dumortier not only optimized their processes but also enhanced the customer experience. The digital transformation yielded a fresh brand image, an easy-to-navigate product database, and an integrated e-commerce platform. 

Previously, manual data input was necessary, but now, 20% of total sales are online, saving time and boosting sales by 187% compared to 2022. New customers increased by 511% compared to the previous half-year. Additionally, our marketing campaigns and SEO improvements resulted in an 87% rise in website traffic.

This initiative marked the first step of a long-term partnership with Dumortier, where we'll continue to guide them on their digital journey. The project's success underscores the transformative power of a comprehensive and well-executed digital strategy.

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