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Unraveling our methods

If you want to hook a good fish, it's best not to skip any steps in the process. The digital recruitment strategy is a combination of different but equally important factors. So the trick is to align strategy, marketing and tools perfectly.

Step 1


Recruit-centric communication and hiring only works well with a clear positioning of your employer branding and value proposition. Every train of thought starts from here. We’ll combine the needs of your target group and your USP’s in a 360° digital strategy. This razor-sharp blueprint will draw your potential candidates into your story, from the first interaction until they sign their contract.


Brand strategy
Digital strategy
Marketing strategy
Step 2


A chef only starts when the kitchen is clean and the cooking utensils are present. The same rules apply in a digital recruiting strategy. Without a user-friendly jobsite, an optimised CRM and smart conversion points, you won't make any headway. Good preparation is half the battle!


Data captation
Conversion design & development
Content creation
API integrations
Marketing & sales CRM
Website development
UX/ UI design
Video & photography
Step 3


From now on, you are ready to steal some hearts. Thoughtful advertising campaigns and referral programs keep you on the radar of interesting profiles. The word-of-mouth from ambassadors and the steady stream of authentic content push you to the top of the list of attractive employers.


Content marketing
Converse rate optimization
Data analysis
Direct marketing
Employee advocacy
Search engine optimization
Social media advertising
Search engine advertising
Marketing automation

Accelerate with a digital launch platform

Do you already have a top-notch jobsite to boost your recruiting efforts? We design and develop a custom website in no time.

The competitive edge of your employer brand

In essence, your employer branding and employer value proposition provide the context for your recruit-centric strategy. Showcase tangible and intangible compensations and benefits like career opportunities, work-life balance, and recognition. 

Share what it’s like to work for you, what you stand for and what the overall employee experience entails. Go beyond the four pillar approach and create a vital foundation for your strategy. In the end, employer branding helps candidates understand what sets your organization apart and why they should choose you. Without it, it might feel like closing a deal without knowing the true value of a product.


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