Unique selling proposition

Rediscover your roots

Before boosting your brand awareness, take a moment to introspect. What's your purpose? Who's your audience? Are you still aligned with your original value proposition?

Answer these questions, polish your brand story, and you'll radiate clarity and memorability.

Brand Identity

The right message to the right people

With your brand identity in hand, it's time to weave it into everything - colors, fonts, voice, value proposition, and all your communications. Be present, speak their language, and be consistent across all marketing and sales channels.

How and where you distribute your message will greatly impact the reach and quality of your leads.


Giving your brand a human touch

People connect with people. Adopting a universally recognized character, or brand archetypes, like the ‘hero’. This courageous, bold and confident type wants to improve the world, just like Digiti! A brand archetype can help humanize your brand and define its personality traits.

Your audience will see your personal side.

Content Pyramid

An endless content supply

To keep your brand top of mind, you need a steady flow of valuable content. But you don't have to start from scratch each time. Leverage the content pyramid technique: Begin with long-form content like eBooks, break it down into blog posts, and then distill it further into engaging snippets for social media.

This strategy lets you recycle content and stay engaging, fun, and memorable.

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Discover our winning formula

Some scientists would contradict this statement, but there is no exact formula for digital success. It’s always a synchronized mixture of components that eventually give the desirable chemical reaction.

Step 1


(Re)discovering your brand identity or (re)defining your value proposition is a big effort, so you need to be willing to delve a little deeper. What does your audience truly need? What should you do in order to thrive and make your customers return?

We encompass a strong brand identity and value proposition in a solid digital strategy that covers your digital game plan to engage and interact with your target audience throughout the entire customer journey.

Discover our digital strategy

Step 2


Time to go to the drawing board. A new branding, logo, digital assets, web design, … the possibilities are endless and all part of the transformation your brand will go through.

Next, our developers can create new websites and applications based on fresh and new designs that integrate with your existing tools and frameworks, delivering seamless experiences and meaningful interactions with your audience.


UX/ UI design
Information architecture
Content creation
Video & photography
Website development
Step 3


Your brand story is out and about, let's bring it to the right audience and start interacting. Through growth marketing we make sure the right brand message reaches the right people, and if not, we learn from and adapt our campaigns.

Thanks to this learn and adapt mindset, we continuously monitor and improve your reach, brand message and engagement rate with your target audience. Always with an eye on achieving your business goals!


Content marketing
Search engine optimization
Search engine advertising
Social media advertising
Creative campaigns
Finally! Thanks to the workshops of Digiti, we have our value proposition on point after all these years,
Alex Curtoud, Director at Trilations

Clients we love to work for

Digitalizing a 150-year-old commercial cleaning supplier - Asset


Digitalizing a 150-year-old commercial cleaning supplier

With a staggering 150 years’ worth of experience, Dumortier has become a leading commercial cleaning supplier. The dawn of the digital era has brought about a new range of opportunities to transform and sustainably grow their business.

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Donating digital skills for Duchenne's Disease - Asset


Donating digital skills for Duchenne's Disease

Lander is a sixteen-year-old Belgian boy who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A fairly unknown, incurable genetic muscle disease that confines him to a wheelchair. Almost ten years ago, his parents, Annick and Jill, started the GoForLander initiative to raise funds and awareness for all who suffer from this terrible disease.

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