Donating digital skills for Duchenne's Disease

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Lander is a sixteen-year-old Belgian boy who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A fairly unknown, incurable genetic muscle disease that confines him to a wheelchair. Almost ten years ago, his parents, Annick and Jill, started the GoForLander initiative to raise funds and awareness for all who suffer from this terrible disease.

One in five thousand, usually boys, suffers from Duchenne's Disease.

What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

DMD is a rare genetic condition that primarily affects boys. Due to the absence of the dystrophin protein, muscle cells in the body start to deteriorate. Initial signs, such as difficulty in walking, can manifest as early as the age of two. As the child grows older, they struggle more with balance. As muscle strength declines, children with Duchenne often rely on a wheelchair by the age of ten.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the 800 children in Belgium with Duchenne. The average life expectancy for a patient is only thirty years.

Business challenge

A little push

Annick and Digiti founder Derek go way back. To celebrate many years of friendship, we decided to give something back by donating our skills and digital expertise to the GoForLander charity.

Annick will participate in a three-day mountainbike challenge called Duchenne Heroes. In order to get started with her seven colleagues, she needed to raise quite some funds. In the past, they organized all sorts of fundraisers but this year would be different.

Time to get serious!

Watch the video from Annick

goals and objectives

Spread the word

In order to generate a consistent flow of income, the GoForLander brand got pimped with a fresh identity. An engaging website would introduce the initiative and its protagonists, but more importantly, it would serve as a marketplace so people could support the cause.

A target of 7.000 euros was set, and everything above this amount would be awesome!

But with only a website... how would people know about our charity?

The plan was to create compelling social media content and digitally connect with the (professional) networks of all people involved in the initiative. Using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and internal company platforms of Annick's employer.

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our approach

Defining the path

In the initial phase, we built a small digital strategy to make sure the initiative would hit its mark. It needed to be as cost-and logistically efficient as possible, so in the beginning we focused on selling virtual products to support Annick during her mountainbike challenge.

But, we ran into a bit of luck!

In addition to the virtual power-ups and kilometer sponsorship, there was an agreement with Albert Hejin, who wanted to deliver free fruit baskets. Also, one of our previous clients, Belgian Waffles, was prepared to deliver... you guessed it right... waffles.

Knowing this, we upgraded our ambitions and added a small ecommerce platform to the mix.