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The symphony of automation

Begin by setting the wheels of automation in motion, always maintaining a keen eye on your end-user and overarching business objectives.

Imagine your communications, web applications, CRM, ERP, and customer experiences as integral components in a grand play. Let data course through these actors like intriguing tales, free of confusion and misinformation. Allow this data to illuminate a dashboard, allowing you to forge the most advantageous business strategies.


Go full digital rockstar with a client portal

Let's say you're in construction and a client wants you to build their dream home. It usually involves a tsunami of messages, approvals, contracts, and the like, over what seems like forever. A portal neatly organizes all this chaos and allows your client to keep tabs on their house-to-be.

Heck, you could even throw in a reward program where clients earn points for cheering you on via social media or other actions. They can then use these points on your services - talk about a win-win!


But why keep this digital magic all to yourself? 

Spread the love and get your stakeholders in on the action. For instance, lots of B2B companies rely on retailers to sell their stuff, but have about as much control over the sales pitch as a cat does over a laser pointer.

A dealer platform can change this, linking you up with your partners and equipping them with the right branding materials, tools, or even leads. It's like handing out walkie-talkies for seamless communication.

Need some help with digitalizing your business?

Our mission is to help you overcome your business challenges and achieve your goals. Our digital strategist Jan is here to listen and give tailored advice to your needs. Book a meeting with Jan for a fresh perspective on your current business process and the digital opportunities that lay ahead of you.

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Some scientists would contradict this statement, but there is no exact formula for (digital) success. It’s always a synchronized mixture of components that eventually give the desirable chemical reaction.

Step 1


Digital transformation serves as an effective initial step to distinguish your company. In our strategy workshops we’ll dig deeper in the efficiency challenges of your organization. By delving deeper and uncovering the genuine struggles, we’ll build a suiting long-term strategy that will transform your business. A solid digital strategy is your roadmap to digital success.

Discover our digital strategy

Step 2


Our team of skilled developers and designers go full on ‘creation mode’ after we transformed our digital strategy into an implementation roadmap. Whether we need to create a custom application, integrate tools or optimize existing platforms, our goals is clear: making your organization more efficient and productive through digitalization and automation, always aiming for an optimal user experience.


Client portal
Conversion design & development
Marketing & sales CRM
API integrations
Step 3


When transforming your organization into the future, it’s important to keep your eyes on the desired outcome. Every seed needs to grow. And it will take time to improve your processes and behaviors.

That’s why we’ll keep supporting you and your goals through the whole journey.


Marketing automation
Lead generation
Scoring & grading
Search engine optimization
Search engine advertising
Social media advertising
Converse rate optimization
Data captation
Data analysis
Creative campaign
In a really smart way, Digiti sketched out a plan that was clearly our digital highway. The strategy workshops sparked things in such a way that everything surfaced. The first session was an eye-opener and the last one, of course, was what we'd all been waiting for: our long-term digital roadmap for the next five years.
Ingrid Fouyn, Pomax

Clients we love to work for

Harnessing opportunities: Trilations' digital transformation - Asset


Harnessing opportunities: Trilations' digital transformation

Trilations, a Belgian consulting agency, operates globally, specializing in two key areas. It provides consultancy in Organizational Transformations (OT) for large corporations, and simultaneously develops robust Market Strategies (MS) for the healthcare sector.

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From history to hotspot: Boosting venue bookings - Asset

Colonie 7

From history to hotspot: Boosting venue bookings

Colonie 7 is an upcoming gem in the hospitality sector. This venue in the heart of the Kempen nature is built on the site of Merksplas Colony. A place where, from 1825 until 1993, vagrants and poor people got shelter, food and a place to work and live together. Nowadays there is a restaurant, visitor center and meeting venue.

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