Harnessing opportunities: Trilations' digital transformation

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In a nutshell

The client’s challenges:

  • Define better USPs for Trilation’s Operational Transformation department. 

  • Tackle lead generation challenges for Market Strategies for healthcare.

  • Boost recruiting on the jobsite.

Our solutions:

  • A comprehensive digital strategy trajectory with workshops for all departments.

  • Building a new website with high-end CMS.

  • Digital campaigns to boost their brand awareness.

The results:

  • The new digital strategy, which was backed by the new website, led to an increase in quality leads, conversions.

  • Trilation’s brand visibility got boosted, contributing to sales growth.

Trilations, a Belgian consulting agency, operates globally, specializing in two key areas. It provides consultancy in Organizational Transformations (OT) for large corporations, and simultaneously develops robust Market Strategies (MS) for the healthcare sector.

A broader approach

Trilations initially approached us with a request for a new website, especially to address the OT department's recruitment challenges. However, as we delved deeper into the organization's requirements, we recognized a need to make the two departments more unique on their own.  

Implementing a broader digital strategy that could uniquely cater to the diverse needs of the OT and MS departments and their recruitment efforts.

Finally! After all these years, thanks to the workshops of Digiti, we have our value proposition on point.
Alex Curtoud, Director at Trilations
Business Challenge

Boosting communication and brand awareness

The primary challenges faced by the OT department included articulating their offerings accurately and enhancing their unique selling proposition. Their communication was initially sector-oriented, and the aim was to shift it towards addressing business needs and providing cross-sector services.

The MS department, on the other hand, faced stiff competition from the "big five" in their industry and wanted to boost their brand awareness. Lead generation was proving to be difficult as they heavily relied on word-of-mouth and networking, while their decision-making audience was hard to reach.

Across both departments, recruitment was a key challenge that needed special attention, prompting a separate focus on creating a dedicated job site.

What’s your business case?

Our approach in three key phases

Strategy development

Personalized strategy

Our approach focused on a personalized strategy for each department (OT, MS, Jobs), addressing their unique needs and challenges. The strategy phase involved extensive, in-depth workshops with each department, followed by an overarching presentation to let everybody in on the plans for the future.

Those plans would take shape under the form of:

  • Better defined value proposition for OT and a visual style that speaks to the audience and aims for better conversion. 

  • Building a stunning website with three sub sites, separating the globally active MS, from the more regional OT, from the recruiting job site so everyone can focus on bringing the right message to their target audience.

Technical setup

One platform to rule them all

The new website would be the first expression of the new digital course Trilations would set. 

Our technical setup focused on creating a cost-efficient, easy-to-use platform to centralize all their needs. One platform to service all business units. 

Under the hood:

  • We used the Statamic CMS to create a "site within a site" system.

  • Implementation of Hubspot as a marketing CRM for seamless integration with the website.

  • Additionally, a social media strategy was designed to reach a wider and more desired audience.

Growth trajectory

Defining a marketing strategy

In the initial stage, prior to the website's launch, we defined and implemented a marketing strategy for their Customer Centricity Series. This series, featuring two engaging webinars and their recordings, was designed to enhance engagement with the brand. Throughout the project, we continually hinted at the upcoming release of the 'Patient Customer Centricity Index' report. This report was positioned as a strong lead generator, aimed at attracting new business opportunities for Trilations.

All of this was accomplished using minimal resources. Our strategy focused primarily on organic social media traffic and a few advertisements. 

Following this campaign, we launched the first iteration of the website, our Minimal Viable Product. With this foundation in place, our platform was poised for further growth, ready to expand with additional pages and sub-sites.

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During the intensive startup period of our collaboration, I especially appreciated the flexibility and the combination of expertise in both the strategic and operational aspects of communication & marketing at Digiti!
Hendrik Verplancke, Director at Trilations

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