Taking airline technology to the skies

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In a nutshell

The client's challenge:

  • Expand Aviobook’s reach and improve their message

  • Generate more valuable leads.

  • Optimize their approach

  • Build a digital strategy to facilitate marketing and sales goals.

Our solution:

  • Workshops identified key personas, mapped out the customer journey, and developed a long term plan. 

  • A new website, to generate more valuable leads. 

  • A custom-made price range calculator to improve the quotation process.

  • Assistance with marketing efforts and ensure a consistent communication style.

The results:

  • The new website, sales tool, and price calculator increased customer engagement and streamlined the sales process.

  • The CRM integration resulted in more efficient lead qualification.

  • Increased brand visibility and audience understanding of Aviobook's offerings.

Aviobook, a Belgian scale-up, was founded even before the existence of the iPad. With our help, they revolutionized the aviation industry by digitizing all flight documents that pilots had to carry, replacing paper with real-time information. Their app also offers suggestions for flight routes, effectively creating electronic flight bags. Now scaled up and acquired by Thales, Aviobook competes with industry giants like Boeing and Airbus.