Connecting healthcare professionals and patients

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In a nutshell

The client's challenge:

  • Enhance communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Build a two-way application to accommodate all aspects of the patient treatment pathways.

  • Constantly improve and build new features upon this application.

Our solution

  • Strategic focus on user experience, accessible information for both patients and doctors. 

  • Designed to the specific needs and treatment goals of patients and doctors.

  • A React Native application for both patients and caregivers.

  • An Angular website connected to the application.

  • Constantly improving and building upon the last version

The result

  • The Care4Today project is being used by more than a thousand patients in multiple countries. 

  • It has enhanced the way patients and healthcare professionals communicate.

  • Serves as a valuable tool for patients to navigate their treatment pathways.

Together with Johnson & Johnson MedTech, we embarked on a mission to transform patient care through their groundbreaking Care4Today application. By enhancing communication between healthcare professionals and patients, we aim to bridge the gap and provide a comprehensive understanding of treatment pathways.

Revolutionizing healthcare globally

Johnson & Johnson is a widely known multinational corporation renowned for its diverse portfolio in the healthcare industry. With a legacy spanning over 135 years, the company excels in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare products. 

J&J’s MedTech sought to revolutionize patient care by enhancing communication between healthcare professionals and patients regarding their treatment pathways. Care4Today, designed to train individuals on a wide array of health conditions, was intended to bridge the gap between patients and doctors, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of treatments, and promoting an improved patient experience.

Bridging the gap

The initial request from J&J MedTech was for a Care4Today website that would provide one-way communication to patients. However, as the project evolved, it became clear that what was truly needed was an application facilitating two-way interaction between hospitals and patients.

The challenge here was not just to create an app but also to design marketing materials that could effectively promote the application to its target audience. The focus was to ensure a high-quality user experience, effectively conveying a wealth of information that could meet the specific needs and treatment goals of both patients and doctors.

Goals and objectives

Keeping track of patient pathways

The objective was to create an engaging and interactive platform that would bring patients and doctors closer together. This included features such as video introductions to treatments, pre-surgery checklists, nutrition and dietary recommendations, follow-up scheduling with doctors, pain scaling, and reports of adverse effects. 

The goal was to provide patients with a more direct connection with medical institutions, fostering better communication and understanding of their treatment pathways.

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Our approach

Strategy development

User experience for patients and doctors

The strategy revolved around user experience, ensuring that the wealth of information available was presented in an accessible and helpful manner for both patients and doctors. The platform would be designed with both patients' and doctors' specific needs and treatment goals in mind. Furthermore, the application would be built with our eyes on the future. Constantly iterating and improving existing designs and functionalities.

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Technical setup

When building the C4T application it was imperative that the total package would basically consist of two separate, but highly similar applications. One for patients and one for caregivers. This setup would have the advantage of being autonomous from each other during updates.

Under the hood

  • The app was built within the React Native frameworks. Having one codebase for both Android and iOS.

  • The corresponding website, which is connected to the application, was created in ANGULAR

  • The back-end and CMS is managed by the client for easy scaling and implementing the correct medical translations. But most importantly, the privacy of all patients would be guaranteed. 

Growth Trajectory

Continuous improvement and innovation

The unique feature of this project was the commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The platform was built with an iterative approach, allowing for continuous development and enhancement based on user feedback and changing needs. This way hospitals would always receive the best version of the application, making sure they can help as many patients as possible with their care pathways. 

Outcome and results

More than technological innovation

While still in its early stages, the Care4Today project has shown great potential, and it’s being used by more than a thousand patients in multiple countries. The app has not only enhanced the way patients and healthcare professionals communicate but also evolved into a valuable tool for patients to navigate their treatment pathways.

The app is more than a technological innovation; it is a tool designed to improve patient care and a testament to the power of technology in revolutionizing healthcare communication and patient care. It’s our mission to continuously improve this application, helping J&J and their stakeholders to deliver state of the art patient solutions. 

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