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Digital is the new normal.

That’s nothing new. But through the years we see that businesses still struggle with the why and the how. 

That’s where we come in. Digiti offers a holistic approach for all your digital challenges, blended with a good portion of “Kempische no-nonsense”. Going from strategy to marketing to content

Don’t only cure the symptoms

It’s easy to say: “Our sales are declining so we need a new website” or “Our audience is not engaging with us” or “Let’s boost our social media channels.”

Dig deeper

Nothing comes from nothing. Cause and effect. If your business faces challenges on a digital level, in most cases, you’ll find out the problem goes deeper than a flawed website or underwhelming social media performance. 

Take time to contemplate

In almost all cases, your struggles are not a quick fix. It’s a strategy challenge. Create some headspace, take a step back to look at the bigger picture.

Step 1


For the kick-off, it’s important to determine in which direction your company is headed and the destination you’re aiming to reach. We’ll discuss your business goals and targets, the overall expectations and what the overall process will look like. 

We use the 7P Canvas to prepare ourselves and to synchronize expectations. This is a strategic tool that focuses on: purpose, participants, process, preparation, pitfalls, presentation and practicalities. 

Step 2


Throughout our collaborative journey, we will conduct a series of immersive workshops and in-depth research to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization. Together, we’ll delve into every facet of your business, adopting a critical perspective to identify and address your current and future challenges. 

Moreover, we will encourage you to view your business goals from a fresh and innovative standpoint, fostering new insights and opportunities for growth.

  • We’ll take a deeper look into your organization and the overall industry you’re operating in. 

  • Continuing with examining your brand identity, customer journeys and target audience.

  • Everything backed-up by the data you bring along with you. The more the better!

Step 3

Digital strategy

D-day! Your digital strategy is ready. In a comprehensive presentation we go through the tailor-made strategy we’ve built for you. 

We’ve created a book that outlines a digital strategy for the next 3 to 5 years. In this holy bible, we’ll detail the actions you need to take to achieve your business goals.

Do you feel the need for some digital fireworks?

Looking for a holistic approach for your organization and brand? Digiti collaborates with your team to determine business goals and builds a customer-centric strategy, including branding, communication, marketing, platform development, and data collection.

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We really are the best partner in crime

We aim for an all-encompassing digital strategy that includes insight driven actions to reach your business goals.


A results-oriented approach makes for an efficient way of working with a clear destination at the end.. Using every spec of data at our disposal. 


Our focus is the end user who will ultimately drive your business. We’ll hone in on their needs, your interaction with them, your marketing and sales flow and the technical set-up.


A digital strategy is much more than a marketing strategy! It takes a holistic point of view and is designed according to your business strategy



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