From history to hotspot: Boosting venue bookings

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Colonie 7 is an upcoming gem in the hospitality sector. This venue in the heart of the Kempen nature is built on the site of Merksplas Colony. A place where, from 1825 until 1993, vagrants and poor people got shelter, food and a place to work and live together. Nowadays there is a restaurant, visitor center and meeting venue.
Business challenge

Meeting expectations

While the restaurant and visitor center are very successful, it’s a challenge for Colonie 7 to promote their meeting rooms among the general public. That’s why we were asked to develop a website to showcase their meeting rooms offering, with additional sleeping accommodation, along with a platform for booking meeting rooms at their venue.

The challenge was to develop a website that effectively communicated their brand and meeting room service while incorporating a seamless and intuitive booking platform. The platform needed to offer real-time availability and easy booking procedures to ensure an excellent user experience.

Our approach

All eggs in one basket

We began with an in-depth understanding of Colonie 7's brand, values, and target audience. This understanding informed the visual design and content of the website. In parallel, we mapped out the booking process to understand the necessary functionalities of the booking platform. 

These included: 

  • Real-time availability of their four meeting rooms

  • Multiple seating orders

  • Food and beverage options

Making sure visitors had an easy-to-use booking system, secure payment processing, and automatic booking confirmation was extremely important.

We worked closely with Colonie 7 throughout the development process, starting with wireframes, moving on to high-fidelity prototypes, and finally, the website and platform development.

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Outcome and results

Time to breathe

The result was a visually appealing, user-friendly website with CMS that effectively communicates the Colonie 7 brand and its offerings. We also ensured that the website and the booking platform were mobile-responsive to cater to users who prefer making bookings on their mobile devices.

The integrated booking platform has significantly streamlined the booking process. With a complete automated process, the Colonie 7 team can free up their precious time from manual booking management, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Next steps

Spreading the word!

In the near future, we will continue to support Colonie 7 in maintaining and enhancing the website and the booking platform based on user feedback and changing business needs. Our marketing efforts will play an important role in creating awareness of the booking platform among the target audience. 

To achieve this, we’ll leverage direct marketing to target specific audience groups who organize meetings like event managers and HR people. Hoping to build a solid customer base.

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