Red Nose Day: Going above and beyond for a good cause

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In a nutshell

The client's challenges:

  • Improve user experience of digital platform.

  • Streamline internal operations.

  • Capture data and insights.

Our solution:

  • Workshops to dive deep into the requirements.

  • A modular and scalable website with data dashboards.

  • Optimizing web conversions and user flows.

The result:

  • An intelligent, customer-centric platform with valuable data insights.

  • Significant rise in registrations and donations.

  • More time and efficiency for the client.

  • Top 3 FeWEB website of the year.

Red Nose Day, a well-known Flemish non-profit project, is organized by DPG Media, a leading media company in Belgium and the Netherlands. The initiative focuses on raising money and generating awareness about mental health issues in young people.

The UX conundrum

Despite its strong media presence and success in raising millions, Red Nose Day faced challenges with its online platform. In search of a transformative solution, they sought a new platform that would revolutionize their digital user experience while optimizing their internal processes.

Business challenge

Going all-in

Red Nose Day initially approached us for a new online platform. However, upon scrutinizing the organization, we discovered underlying needs that extended beyond a simple platform redesign. 

The organization needed a customer-centric digital experience that would allow visitors and potential donors to easily navigate through the website and register campaigns or use the webshop. To improve operational processes and data reporting, a comprehensive dashboard would be implemented.

Goals and objectives

Give it more 'shwung'

The primary objectives of Red Nose Day were to enhance the digital visitor experience and optimize their operational processes. 

Recognizing the limitations of their existing website, their goal was to transition their static online presence into a dynamic platform that would enable effortless campaign registration, streamlined donation processes, and hassle-free utilization of their webshop.

The key performance indicator to measure these objectives' progress was the number of campaigns registered, the number of products sold through the website, and the amount of donations transferred.

What's your business challenge?

Our approach in three key phases

Strategy development

Taking the plunge

We conducted an intense discovery trajectory of eight workshops in ten days. Each workshop focused on a particular theme, such as the website, the online marketing strategy, or internal dashboarding. 

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of requirements and establish core principles, we actively engaged both internal and external stakeholders, seeking valuable input and feedback. By gathering insights from these diverse perspectives, we aimed to uncover their needs and define the fundamental values that would guide our approach.

Technical Setup

Make it smart

We adopted a modular approach, which would allow us to progressively expand the online platform for upcoming editions. It was important to build an intelligent online platform that served to collect valuable data insights and provide our client with a clear financial and logistical overview of the entire operation.

This was made possible thanks to the automation of a great deal of processes which freed up time and unburdened our client.

Growth trajectory

Spread the word

To enhance the digital visitor experience, our designers studied the user flows and optimized the website for conversions. We reworked the user flow for registering a campaign and created a widget that would deduct a deposit at a later stage when campaigners had sold all their goods and were ready to transfer the outstanding balance.

Outcome and results

For the cause!

The new website and intelligent online platform enhanced the digital visitor experience and optimized operational processes. In terms of return, Red Nose Day saw a considerable increase in campaign registration, products sold through the website, and donations transferred. The efficiency in the operational processes resulted in time and cost savings, unburdening our client.

The comprehensive online platform offered a transparent overview of relevant information, providing our client with valuable data insights. Our solutions addressed Red Nose Day's immediate needs and set them up for sustainable long-term growth.

The best part? Our website made it into FeWEB’s top 3 websites of the year!

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