Online overhaul of a steel trading titan

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Based in Antwerp, Steelforce emerges as a dominant figure in the global steel trading landscape. Boasting a five-decade legacy marked by excellence, Steelforce has consistently proven itself as a dependable partner in steel trading and logistics.
Business challenge

Reflecting a modern approach

Despite their industry stature, their digital presence was lagging. The Steelforce website felt outdated, not reflecting the company's modern approach and global reach. The challenge was to align their digital image with their reputation for quality, reliability, and expertise in steel trading and logistics.

Goals and objectives

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Steelforce's request was straightforward: a digital facelift. Their then-website felt antiquated, missing the digital flair befitting a global frontrunner.

More than just being informative, the site had to breathe confidence and assure potential associates and clients of Steelforce's capabilities.

Our approach

A solid vision

Our journey commenced with comprehensive interviews, involving both the Antwerp local team and the international contingent from Hong Kong. This gave us insights into Steelforce's competitors, values, hurdles, and ambitions.

Key takeaways:

  • Steelforce's ambition to scale rapidly.

  • Their expertise extends beyond steel trading to logistics, operational execution, and trade financing.

  • They operate in a trust and quality-driven competitive landscape.

  • A pronounced emphasis on data and visuals, crucial for credibility.

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Forged by knowledge

Informed by these insights, we sculpted the digital brand's visual identity. Mood boards guided the design language, palette, and overall vibe. The perfect look and feel of the new online medium was of the utmost importance. That's why we kept close feedback loops with the board.

With the nod of approval, we delved into UI and UX design, emphasizing clarity and credibility over sheer content volume. The result: a concise, fact-rich snapshot of Steelforce's skills.

Outcome and results

Digital evolution

The rejuvenated Steelforce website seamlessly merged their real-world acclaim with their digital identity. It wasn't just an information hub; it amplified their digital credibility. The spotlight on data and visuals further underscored their industry acumen.

Additionally, we hosted workshops for the whole Steelforce team, focusing on maximizing social media impact. These sessions delved into content crafting, tone consistency, and the nuances of digital interactions.

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