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In a nutshell

The Challenge

This local polyester business was founded by Gino Van den Wijngaert to meet the increasing demand from creative do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Even with its distinctive offerings, personalized service, and specialized market, Polyestershop encountered challenges. It was time to take the leap into the digital world.

Polyestershop specializes in supplying a comprehensive range of polyester materials tailored for swimming pools and ponds. Additionally, they offer an array of resins, encompassing vinyl, epoxy, and acryl, catering to a diverse set of needs. Their main target audience is the DIY pool builder.
business challenge

Big ambitions

The initial Polyestershop website was slightly rudimentary and ready for an expansive next step. Owner and founder, Gino, approached us for the UX, UI design and development of his new webshop. 

His organization needed a more customer-centric digital experience that would allow visitors to easily navigate through the webshop and find the products they needed. The emphasis would be on his expertise and personal customer service.

Goals and objectives

Time to scale up

The primary objective of Polyestershop was to boost revenue. This meant creating an ecommerce platform with detailed information about its products and services, combined with a fluent check-out and payment system. 

Additionally, the client requested some important features: 

  • The creation of item bundles from a collection of products.

  • The possibility to save or share items in the shopping cart.

  • Implementation of a RAL color selector.

  • Cross-selling by offering suggestions matched to the item bundles or products.

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