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As a globally recognized chemical production company, Kisuma Chemicals required an amplified digital outreach. Kisuma is the steadfast enabler that empowers many industries. From window profiles, to vehicles, food packaging, flooring, textiles, and even 5G networking technology, their products play a crucial role.
Business challenge

Lead by example

The primary requirement for the chemical giant was a new, scalable website to establish Kisuma Chemicals as thought leaders in the industry through the consistent generation of expert content. 

The challenge lay in comprehending the distinct requirements of their niche audience while engineering a segmented website based on industry specifics.

Key takeaways:

  • Harnessing a user-friendly toolbox of content components.

  • Working with an unlimited page hierarchy.

  • Maintaining a strong focus on content reuse and relations.

  • Seamless integration of all components.

  • Data dashboard to monitor traffic and conversion.

  • A concentrated emphasis on organic SEO was essential to draw visitors to the website.

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Outcome and results

A successful reaction

The culmination of our efforts was a robust website strategy tailored to Kisuma Chemicals' needs, coupled with a website that efficiently encapsulated their brand and offerings.

Though no specific marketing initiatives were undertaken for Kisuma Chemicals, the project testifies to our expertise in delivering high-caliber website strategies and designs in alignment with our clients' unique requirements and goals.

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