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De Ceuster Meststoffen (DCM) is a Belgian company with more than 45 years of experience in the development and production of organic fertilizers, potting soil and seeds. They operate in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria but their product is globally renowned for its quality.
Business challenge

The next adventure

After the successful launch of their Garden app, DCM approached us with the task of mapping their digital customer journey, focusing on two main customer segments in Belgium and the Netherlands: garden hobbyists (B2C ) and professionals (B2B). 

This customer journey would guide their future choices concerning digital marketing efforts and further digital transformation of their organization.

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Goals and objectives

The forest for the trees

The first step was to undertake two tracks of workshops for each customer segment (hobbyists and professionals). Participants from various roles within DCM contributed insights about the target demographics, their behaviors, and needs. 

Multiple goals for the hobby segment were identified: 

  • Connect online and offline activities.

  • Gain customer data insights.

  • Foster brand awareness and loyalty. 

  • (Re)activate customers online to go to the store.

  • Use brand ambassadors to activate new customers.

  • Stimulate online sale of Naturapy, their only online sold product.

Connecting the dots

Furthermore, we identified potential growth opportunities in the professional segment to increase efficiency. The difficulty faced in the B2B segment parallels the one in B2C: fully grasping the nature of their end consumer, who in this case is the professional.

A centralized data system was needed to reveal crucial insights, helping to identify and cultivate potential brand ambassadors with qualified lead generation.

Coupling this with robust brand awareness and thought leadership would drastically reduce the extensive efforts currently invested by the sales team in cold prospecting.

"We really needed those digital strategy workshops with Digiti to have a clear view on the future. We worked intensely together to map out the customer journey and give meaning to the different phases in digital transformation. We managed to structure it all and produced a neat solution we could really work with."
Sofie Peeters, Communication manager, DCM
Our approach

One must learn from each other

We conducted one and a half days of workshops for each customer segment, with participation from DCM colleagues in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Sales and product managers, marketing professionals, and other key stakeholders provided input, helping us delve into the customer’s world, so we could understand their behaviors and identify their needs.

After these workshops, two comprehensive digital and conversion-focused customer journeys were delivered, focussing on qualitative and frequent content and conversions with the “pirate funnel” as a foundation.

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Hoist the sails

The term "pirate funnel" is derived from the acronym AARRR, which stands for:

  • 1. Acquisition: Create awareness, inspire and accommodate the needs of DCM's audience.

  • 2. Activation: Activate and guide visitors in the direction of the retail stores.

  • 3. Retention: Make customers happy and keep the in the loop.

  • 4. Re-activation: Stimulate customers to do a next purchase.

  • 5. Referral: Encourage and incentivize customers to advocate for DCM's products.

These five steps represent key stages in their customer's journey from first interaction to brand loyalty. We provided additional insights into customer segmentation and how DCM could achieve conversion through marketing CRM and automation, supported by a solid technical setup.

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Outcome and results

The road ahead

The project yielded two extensive customer journeys, providing new insights into customer segmentation and conversion through marketing. 

DCM was highly satisfied with the results, and these digital customer journeys will now serve as a foundation for further steps in their online marketing efforts and the ongoing digitalization of the company. 

The initial steps toward this objective have already been taken, and future collaboration is planned with DCM for setting up a new Product Information Management (PIM) system and a new website driven by extensive marketing efforts.

Digital strategy Our approach
"All the pieces of the puzzle are now in place. After our digital strategy workshops with Digiti, we've indeed got a clear picture of our opportunities. With various steps, we could move towards a fully optimized digital platform. Furthermore, I really liked Digiti’s hands-on mentality.
Pieter Heyns, IT manager, DCM

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