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Belfius is one of the largest financial institutions in Belgium, with nearly one-third of the population using its services daily. Belfius also has a significant presence in the insurance sector, offering insurance coverage for individuals, families, and businesses. The bank was thoroughly committed to digitalization and in the past it had already received awards for its mobile applications. Digiti had the opportunity to commence a new digital chapter with this big financial player.
Business challenge

Revamping user experiences

Belfius wanted to align their business ideas with the needs of the users to provide an efficient user experience. When doing so, it was necessary to adhere closely to Belfius' house style for consistent branding across different platforms.

In the past twenty years, the existing BelfiusWeb domain had several existing flows that were virtually untouched by UX designers, leading to unclear tables and illogical flows. These flows needed to be optimized and adjusted to match the new style.

Goals and objectives

Learn and adapt

The objective of our assignment was pretty straightforward. Analyze and evaluate the current user experience of Belfius’ digital application with the goal to create optimized and easy to use customer flows. 

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Our approach

Working together

In our workshops, a collaborative approach was followed, with Belfius providing ideas from their business perspective and the design and development team applying UX best practices.

In the next step, considerable effort was put into creating clickable prototypes, which were then thoroughly tested in usability labs. This iterative process allowed for the optimization of the user experience.

We used a comprehensive Belfius style guide to maintain consistent branding across all platforms, ensuring that different functionalities were recognizable to the user regardless of the device used for mobile banking. New elements were added as they became available to keep everyone up-to-date.

Outcome and results

To the moon...

Belfius got a fresh customer-centric design that offers an improved and contemporary user experience, making their product both attractive and user-friendly. 

From our design, which adheres to Belfius' house style, an intuitive mobile app sprouted. When it launched, it ranked as the second best mobile banking app in Europe. Now, it has more than 1,5 million users.

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