The Jester Archetype

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Brand archetypes humanize your brand by giving it a well-defined multidimensional personality your audience can relate to. They distinguish you from the competition and speak in a clear voice that cuts through the clutter.

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Why so serious?

The Jester brands promise joy.

Essence: Wit. Fun. Entertainment.

  • Is your brand more focused on fun than on results?

  • Does your brand specialize in entertainment and creating carefree moments?

  • Is your brand associated with joy, playfulness and living in the present?

  • Does your brand tend to regard life as a game and the world as its playground?

  • Is your brand unafraid to bend the rules and stand out?

  • Does your brand resort to humor to diffuse a difficult situation?

  • Does your brand motivate your audience to discover their inner child?

If you have responded yes to many of the questions above, your brand may be best represented by the Jester archetype.

Purpose: To make every moment invaluable, to lighten up the world, to live life to the fullest.

Alter egos: The joker - the comedian - the wild child - the fool - the trickster - the anarchist

Personality traits: Happy go lucky - carefree - different - impulsive - playful - joyful - original - foolish - fun - witty - clever - spontaneous - cheerful - unpredictable - intelligent - bright - creative - colorful - innovative - easy-going - provocative - tongue-in-cheek

Jester brand example

Fanta is playful and foolish, like many other brands of the Jester archetype.

The good

The Jester is all about fun, laughter and enjoying life. Jester brands are here only for the good times and they don't take anything too seriously - least of all themselves. In fact, they embrace the absurdity of life and they urge their audience to do the same. The Jester brands can alleviate any situation using humor or tension. They're unafraid to spice things up and stand out as they're very comfortable in their own skin.

These brands are all about creating fun moments. They find more joy in the journey itself than in achieving an outcome. They prefer to live in the present, regarding every moment as invaluable, and are therefore not inclined to reminisce about the past or plan for the future. That being said, the Jester can be incredibly clever. They think outside the box and come up with original perspectives and innovative ideas. These brands stimulate their audience to be impulsive and playful and connect with their inner child. They make life look simple and they make people feel great.

The bad

The Jester brands fear boredom most of all. They view life as a game. The flip side of this particular coin is that it may cause them to come across as mischievous, irresponsible and frivolous. They can also display a cruel or cunning streak and use their wisdom to deceive others. Worst case scenario, these negative tendencies could result in a lawsuit.

The believers

The Jester audience values hedonism, cleverness and creativity and they seek out others with the same fun-loving, ‘carpe diem’ mindset. They'll go out of their way to avoid anything they find dull or annoying. The Jester archetype blends in seamlessly with the modern age as people are increasingly eager to indulge in new experiences.

The brands

Jester brands live freely and look for the fun in life. Subsequently, their ads tend to focus on being playful and entertaining. Their communication can appear unusual, silly or over the top. These brands don't shy away from being politically incorrect or teasing their customers. However, they need to continuously work on staying relevant and original in order to keep their customers engaged. Their ads display vibrant colors and exude a lot of energy. Virtual experiences like augmented reality apps and interactive websites also appeal to this brand archetype.

Doritos, M&M's, Fanta, Dominos, Salvador Dalí are the examples of the Jester archetype.

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