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Brand archetypes humanize your brand by giving it a well-defined multidimensional personality your audience can relate to. They distinguish you from the competition and speak in a clear voice that cuts through the clutter.

Not sure yet which archetype corresponds to your brand?

If you can imagine it, you can do it

The Creator brands promise innovation.

Essence: Imagination. Originality. Innovation.

  • Does your brand like to experiment and provide fresh perspectives?

  • Does your brand sometimes feel restricted in the current environment?

  • Does your brand adhere a lot of value to upholding high quality standards?

  • Does your brand like to dream big and consequently execute that vision?

  • Does your brand like to stand out with novel products or services that surprise and captivate the world?

  • Does your brand attach a lot of importance to freedom of self-expression?

  • Does your brand motivate your customers to harness their own creative and inventive skills?

  • Does your brand like to be viewed as a game changer?

If you have responded yes to many of the questions above, your brand may be best represented by the Creator archetype.

Purpose: To bring to life a vision, to build a more colorful world by finding bigger and better solutions for life’s problems, self-expression

Alter egos: The artist - the mad scientist - the inventor - the dreamer - the self-starter - the visionary

Personality traits: Dare to dream - innovative - imaginative - creative - resourceful - experimental - willing to take calculated risks - thinking outside the box - fond of new ideas - ambitious - unique - authentic

Creator archetype example

Lego is a well-known Creator brand.

The good

The Creator brands are the innovators. Ambitious and unique, they love to think outside the box, they take calculated risks and they welcome a challenge. They promote authenticity, staying true to themselves and continually expressing who they are and what they stand for. They may appear eccentric but they're definitely not fickle. Creator brands inspire with their resourcefulness and creative ideas. They usually develop a loyal fan base and they stimulate their target audience to dream big, create and innovate. You never know what they will come up with next but whatever it is, you can expect them to deliver something grand and original.

The bad

The downside of the Creator brands is that they can be narcissistic. They also have perfectionistic tendencies which may end up being counter-productive. The Creator brands’ biggest nightmare is to fall short of the high standards they have set for themselves and to be mediocre. When their daydreams are paired with deep focus, they can produce greatness and shape the world. The other side of the coin is that they could potentially take it too far, disregarding reality and becoming irrelevant.

The believers

You can't charm the Creator audience with cheap or mass-produced items. A Creator customer makes purchases that reflect their high quality standards and their love for self-expression. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Creator audience only buys high end products. They are doers who love to create and to shape and beautify their environment.

The brands

Many brands in the fields of marketing, design and technology are of the Creator archetype. A brand that is innovative, has a strong vision and that reworks and improves old systems and processes, can be viewed as a Creator brand. They focus on premium quality and enduring value and they will market their products and services in an esthetically pleasing way, maybe even comparing their offering to a work of art. Additionally, the Creator archetype suits brands that contain an element of do-it-yourself as they foster their audience’s creative learning and development.

Lego, Apple, Pinterest, Adobe and Bill Gates are examples of the Creator archetype.

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