Digiti is bringing the heat!

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By Thalia Frensch

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Growth marketing has become huge. Marketers are wanted everywhere and therefore spoiled for choice. Digiti has continued to grow and when we realized we needed to add growth marketers to our ranks, we decided to do things a little differently...

Hungry for a hot new challenge?

Show, don’t tell

We pride ourselves on our boldness and our creativity. But we can talk all day long about our assets. So can everyone else. Instead, we launched the Hotter than Hot campaign to showcase our company, our culture and our strengths.

Hotter than hot

On a pleasant sunny day, our team gathered outside in the garden. There was a food truck off to the side, delicious smells occasionally wafting our way. A long table was already prepared and laid out with a peculiar assortment of condiments. Phones, cameras and video equipment were all set up and ready to go.

This was it. The day of our hot sauce contest. One by one, every team member would dip their chicken wings into a variety of hot sauces that would get more fiery as the day went on. Red faces, a cough here and there, a drop of sweat trickling down, even a tear or two but mostly a lot of laughs.

Feeling hungry yet?

At Digiti, we like to have some fun and spice things up. After all, if growth marketing is like your favorite juicy breakfast burrito, you’d still need to whip up that magical hot sauce to take it to the next level.

Do you have that pizzazz, that go-getter attitude, that hot sauce we’re looking for?

If you think you can handle the heat, send us your application. We’ll save you a spot on our hot sauce leaderboard!

Are you a hot shot growth marketer?