Lead the market in 2024: top digital trends for business growth

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Are you aware that businesses using data-driven, current marketing strategies witness up to 2.5 times more revenue impact? This isn't just beneficial—it is an important step toward better results and growth. Our digital experts have analyzed the top digital evolutions of 2024, aligning them with the recognizable challenges businesses encounter today. You can expect valuable perspectives and actionable advice that you can implement immediately.
Here’s what we’ll be covering:
  1. The post-cookie era

  2. Organic marketing's strategic shift

  3. Social media as a search engine

  4. The evolution of SEO - AEO and GenAI

  5. AI in marketing

  6. Short-form creator-content

  7. Value redefined - beyond price and quality

  8. Digital accessibility

1. The post-cookie era: Adapting to a world without browser support for cookies

2024 could mark the end of an era for digital advertising as we know it, with the anticipated disappearance of browser support for cookies. This change poses significant challenges and opportunities for the ad industry, which has long relied on cookies for targeting and retargeting ads.

Navigating the cookie-less landscape

The phase-out of third-party cookies, especially in popular browsers like Chrome, signals a fundamental shift in digital marketing strategies. While this change disrupts traditional retargeting advertising, it also opens the door to more innovative, privacy-centric approaches.

2024 could mark the end of an era for digital advertising as we know it

Alternative strategies in a cookie-less world
  1. First-party and Zero-party data: The focus will shift towards gathering first-party data (directly from user interactions) and zero-party data (data that users willingly share). This shift demands more transparent and trust-based relationships between brands and consumers.

  2. Privacy Sandbox initiatives: Google's Privacy Sandbox aims to develop new technologies to replace third-party cookies while protecting user privacy. It's crucial for marketers to stay informed about these developments and adapt their strategies accordingly.

  3. Impact on marketing strategies: The cookie-less era will impact various aspects of marketing, from data collection to ad targeting. Marketers need to reassess their strategies, focusing on building direct relationships with consumers and leveraging data in a respectful and privacy-compliant manner.

2. Shifting towards organic marketing: A strategic necessity

The move towards organic marketing is not just a trend but a strategic necessity in 2024. This is fueled by the disappearance of third-party cookies, stricter privacy settings, and reduced targeting options. The potential ban on targeted advertising by Meta further underscores this trend. While the impact might not be as immediate as feared, it clearly indicates a shift in the market.

Brands must adapt to these changes by focusing on building their own media channels and generating first-party data. This shift offers an opportunity to engage with audiences more authentically, build lasting relationships, and create a sustainable, privacy-compliant marketing ecosystem.

This shift offers an opportunity to build lasting relationships and create a sustainable, privacy-compliant marketing ecosystem.
Key strategies for organic marketing growth
  1. Content marketing: Develop high-quality, engaging content that resonates with the target audience, driving traffic and engagement without relying on paid media.

  2. SEO and SEM: Invest in search engine optimization and marketing to improve organic search visibility and drive traffic.

  3. Social media engagement: Focus on building a strong organic presence on social media platforms, encouraging engagement and sharing.

  4. Email marketing: Utilise email campaigns to maintain direct contact with customers and prospects, providing personalized and relevant content.

  5. Community building: create and nurture online communities around the brand, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among customers.

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