A week in the life of a Digital Content Creator

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By Sigrid Spaas

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Digiti is on the hunt for a Digital Content Creator. The title sounds like a mouthful but what exactly does the job entail at a digital agency like Digiti? What kinds of fascinating projects will you be taking on? What nifty tools will you use? And what can you expect from your team? A few too many questions, so we decided to write a blog post especially for you.


Today you’re working remotely. You’ll be tackling a whole lot of interesting tasks this week and working from home will give you the focus you need. At Digiti, you can expect to work remotely at least 2 days per week. The other days you’re free to plan according to your and the project's schedule.

The projects you’ll be focusing on this week:

  • Interview a client’s employees to gain the input you need to write intriguing blog posts

  • Work out customer-centric web copy in collaboration with the designers and focus on userfriendly microcopy to boost conversions

  • A content brainstorm with your co-content creator Sigrid to exchange ideas and seek peer feedback on current projects

  • Draw up a social media calendar to cover the second quarter for a client selling B2B cleaning products

  • Craft all kinds of riveting copy that’ll generate quality leads in a marketing campaign for a client active in Digital Printing (landing pages, direct e-mails, blog posts, white papers, etc.)

  • Help prepare the digital strategy workshops we’ll be conducting for a new prospect by researching their competition and envisioning a suitable brand voice as well as possibilities for social media & web copy

  • Take part in a video shoot where you’ll direct the models and videographer. You’ll make sure that they follow your script to a tee and that the product is the star of the show

  • Receive a briefing by digital strategists Jan and Mieke on an exciting new digital strategy and the corresponding road map

We're all about hybrid working

Our goal is for you to achieve a perfect work-life balance, to have your creativity at its peak, and to ensure your communication is flawless.

All right! No time to lose! Take a quick glance at Teamhood where you’ll be recording your assignments and organizing your schedule. This way, the whole team can see which task you’re currently working on. First up for today? Get that social media calendar off to a flying start and craft some captivating copy for the marketing campaign.

Loomly is one of the social media planning tool we use for all our clients. Get those creative juices flowing and think up some brilliant text for target-oriented social media posts that are in tune with the season and the content strategy.

Next up is the marketing campaign. Your growth marketing colleague, Stijn, has already designed an e-mail marketing flow so you give him a call to pick his brain. Once you’ve come up with some creative content for the landing pages and the e-mails, you’ll do a final check-up with the designers and marketers and process their feedback.


Today you’ll be heading to Digiti headquarters to discuss web copy with Ilke, our UX/UI designer. Based on the wireframes, you’ll give your two cents on the layout of the copy and which call-to-actions you’d like to add. Ilke, in turn, will advise you on how to optimize the user experience. Together, you’re all set for greatness! Ilke will also share the wireframes on Slack so that every Digitist can weigh in.

You’ll then set aside an hour to prepare for the interview you’re about to take with a client’s employees. It’s important to find out how they’ve manufactured the product and what exactly makes their technique unique. You have a knack for asking the right questions and following up to get the information you need. Your mind is already brimming with ideas!

After the meeting, you turn the Slack notifications on again and you see a lot of messages appearing about a meeting that’s been planned in the upcoming hour. You’ll be joining Thalia (HR), Gaétan (UX/UI designer), Stijn (growth marketer) and Tim (front end developer). The topic is kept under wraps! Feeling curious yet?

Some colleagues are working from home, some are physically present, but everyone calls in separately. We’ve got a recruitment idea and we need to bring all our masterminds together to work out the details. Welcome to the team that’ll spearhead the entire campaign: a fun project that’ll draw you in from start to finish! Throughout the day you’ll also receive some calls by the camera man and the client for tomorrow’s shoot. You carry on a bit longer and put in the last bits of work to refine the details.

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Today is the day of the video shoot. You’ve coordinated everything and you’ve obtained the client’s stamp of approval! As soon as you arrive, you perform the final checks: you confirm the script with the videographer, you make sure that the models are ready and that the products are looking attractive, you organize the final attributes... aaaand action!

You spend the whole day flitting around like a busy bee, looking over the videographer’s shoulder, providing guidance, organizing the set... and at the end of the day, you let the client know the shooting has been a success. You may feel like you’ve run a marathon but you experience an intense feeling of satisfaction. After all, you got an overwhelmingly positive response to some of the teasers you’ve already posted on Slack.


You stay at home, and the peace and quiet helps you organize your to do list. The client has provided feedback on the social media calendar you created and you’re invited to the “Recruitment Project” meeting. Karen, our project manager, calls you up to discuss an English content piece for another client. Her briefing is clear and concise, enabling you to start writing the text right away so that Karen quickly gets the copy she needs.

Once that assignment is out of the way, you take a deep dive into the world of our new client and their most important competitors. You create a presentation that includes a clear overview of your research and your detailed comparison of their content strategy and approach with the client’s.

Sigrid is calling to discuss some content guidelines, as you'll soon be collaborating with her on a major project. She wants to align the content rules in advance. This ensures that the content remains consistent, and both of you work in tandem according to the same guidelines, making it indistinguishable who wrote which part of the copy.

Tomorrow you’ll present your findings to Mieke, the digital strategist working on this project. But now it’s time to attend the Recruitment Project meeting. Using Miro, you brainstorm with your colleagues on everything you might need and you decide who will take care of what.

You get tasked with creating a catchy name and slogan, conducting keyword research together with the growth marketer, drawing up a list of topics, and of course you’re also assigned the web copy, social copy, mail copy, etc. As you always think several steps ahead, you decide to schedule a meeting for the coming week to discuss the brilliant ideas you’ll undoubtedly come up with.

Time to draw the brainstorm to a close because we’re all attending the Team Huddle - a meeting with the entire team, organized by Derek to cover a few important topics and updates. It’s great to see all those familiar faces and say hi to your colleagues working on different projects!


It’s Fri-yay and today you take your A-game to the office. Not just because you’ll be kickstarting the weekend on a positive note together with your colleagues. But also because Jan and Mieke will brief you on the new digital strategy road map they’ve been working on. You’ll receive feedback on the social media calendar and do a final review with Michèle and Mieke.

You’ll catch up on your e-mails and check in with the videographer. Once he’s shared the video footage with you, you get to try your hand at making some video snippets for the client’s social media channels. You’re only just dipping your toes in video editing but it’s something you’re very interested in. Social media video snippets are a wonderful start!

Jan and Mieke have brought you up to speed. Together with the team, you translate the strategic roadmap into a well-thought-out action plan. You’ve been given information on the personas the client is targeting, the brand voice and archetype as well as the client’s objectives. Next week, you’ll take all this information into account when you start working on the content plan. This’ll also require you to draw up a list of interesting topics per persona. You can hardly wait and finish off your day by planning next week’s schedule.

What a day! What a week! You deserve a few drinks with the team. 🍻

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