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By Thalia Frensch

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The year was 2019. Our office, like so many others across the globe, was filled with the hustle and bustle of eager employees, heads close together to work on an exciting project. Personal space was overrated and there wasn’t a mask in sight. Team members were allowed to work from home one day per week.

All that changed drastically as a highly contagious flu-like disease by the name of covid-19 swept the world and eventually made landfall on European soil. Pretty much overnight, we acquired a new vocabulary with words like social distancing, lockdown and PCR testing. Once we had overcome the initial turmoil and the government started gradually easing restrictions, we were permitted to continue operations, albeit remotely.

Join this amazing hybrid team?

Enjoy the flexibility you need to do your job (more than) well! We have all the tools and processes in place to support a hybrid working model.

The rise of remote work

Surprisingly, we found that this new wave of measures was rather easy to surf. Although our team could not set foot in the office, they all continued to deliver excellent work. And we never halted our search for talent. We even found original ways to onboard our new recruits and make them truly feel like part of the team. 

Navigating the new normal 

In the wake of the pandemic, it’s undeniable that many things have changed and certain trends that were just coming into being, were accelerated. We decided that a hybrid working model is the most efficient way for our team to work post-covid. What that means at Digiti, is that our employees spend 50% of the time at the office and the other half working remotely, at home.

We also work with so-called project teams. These are teams that work closely together on a specific project. It makes sense for them to meet at the office one day a week to collaborate on this project and enhance their teamwork.

We want you to be comfortable!

Concerned you might not be able to work as efficiently at home as in the office because you lack certain office equipment? Are you in need of a larger screen, an ergonomic chair or other work materials? Not to worry! We’ll let you borrow whatever you need so that you’re equipped with the finest work station at home also.

We hold with hybrid!

Necessity is the mother of invention and the pandemic presented an opportunity like no other to get creative. We swiftly understood that certain changes were positive for our team and their productivity. To this end, we embrace the hybrid working model, as it gives us the best of both worlds!


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