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Our digital wizards

Digital Strategists

Our digital visionaries won’t hesitate to go above and beyond the client’s requests and dig deeper to discover their true needs. Based on their findings, backed by research, they’ll then design a roadmap for the digital projects.


In order to make our apps, websites and other digital products as user-friendly as possible, we require the best UX and UI designers. They are the pragmatists and creative thinkers who’ll come up with designs according to the client and end-users’ needs. 

Front-end developers

This special breed of technical brainiacs are the builders of our client's dreams. Armed with an extensive knowledge of coding, they take the abstract visions of our creative team and transform them into tangible, functional realities.

Backend developers

As maestros of data, CMS and CRM, they manage the engine behind our client's digital machine, ensuring a smooth transition from user action to system response, making every interaction efficient and reliable.


The superpower of our advertising experts and growth hackers is the ability to tap into the psyche of our prospects and exceed their goals. All while using their out-of-the-box mind to reach the target group and persuade them to interact and convert.

Content Creators

The literary wizards of our agency. Those who make it their mission to write compelling and engaging content. They find just the right turn of phrase, aiming to resonate our client's message, echoing in the hearts and minds of their audience.

Project managers

They are multitasking virtuosos ensuring the team brings the client's vision to life. They are team leads, account managers, scrum masters,... all wrapped into a single package. Effortlessly liaising between the client and the our team, keeping everyone in tune with each other.


You are a digital enthousiast, a fan epic online campaigns or just semi-geek wit a tech savvy attitude and a taste for having fun. But you also have a general interest and understanding for our clients and their audience. Oh yes... and you like fireworks... digital fireworks... lots of it.


Our values


Building a cool looking website is great. But will it attract visitors and generate leads? Will these visitors easily find their way around and take the right actions?

Our customer-centric approach ensures we satisfy the user and deliver real, tangible results for our clients. We meticulously measure and analyze every step of the way to guarantee a ROI that’ll make our clients long for more.

Unconditionally devoted

We’re a happy, close-knit bunch of digital creatives, united by our passion for all things digital. We’re devoted to Digiti, to our clients and to each other.

From spotting business opportunities to going above and beyond for our clients as well as the team. Above all, we have tons of fun, both inside and outside the workplace.

Boldly creative

When serving our solutions, we like to add in a generous scoop of the creative hot sauce. We appreciate big ideas and we’re not afraid to experiment! If we can dream it, we can find a way to make that dream a reality.

And if not, at least we will have learned a valuable lesson or gained some surprising insights.

Deliberately considered

While we love to let those creative juices flow, it’s equally important to then take a step back and evaluate the options. Rather than diving right in, we’ll assess our client’s needs and the viability of our solution. We think the recipe through before we start whipping up a digital delicacy.

Proactively efficient

We trust our team to have Digiti’s best interests at heart. To this end, we encourage them to be independent and to take initiative. Spot and act on an opportunity, offer to carry out improvements, question whether we’re working efficiently enough or whether there’s real value for the client and end user.

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Become the best teamplayer

We are all digital superheroes with our own expert powers. We’re a bunch of eager learners and more than happy to support each other's growth. There is no I in team and to this end, we ensure there are plenty of opportunities available to learn from every member of the team.

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