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Personal FUZZY plan

After three months in your new role, we'll get started with your Fuzzy plan. Based on your interests and ambitions we’ll provide you with the fertile soil you need to transform into your best digital self.

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Training budget

Everyone of us has the equal opportunity to learn and grow. Whether it's a course or an international congress, we'll provide time and resources for you to pursue development goals. This is our way of thanking you for your efforts and making sure you have every grain of knowledge at your disposal in order to create digital fireworks.

Your growth

A week in the life of a Digital Content Creator

Digiti is on the hunt for a Digital Content Creator. The title sounds like a mouthful but what exactly does the job entail at a digital agency like Digiti? What kinds of fascinating projects will you ...

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We’ve got the perfect spot for you

Do you have what it takes to strengthen our team of Digitists? Do you have some serious skills and appetite to create digital fireworks? We’d be happy to welcome you to our team!

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