CSS Custom Properties - 1/9 exciting CSS features

Avatar Tim Wuyts

By Tim Wuyts

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CSS has been brought to you to revolutionize the visualization of a (responsive) website. However, developers and designers have complained about some particular CSS shortcomings that made commonplace tasks quite the ordeal. Fortunately, the world of CSS is ever-evolving and a lot of new features are being added lately to do away with some of these pesky flaws. In this blogpost We’ll discuss CSS Custom Properties - 1 out of 9 exciting new additions that’ll simplify the styling of web pages. Read on to learn more and start using it creatively today!

CSS custom properties

Sit back, listen to Tim explaining and enjoy. This still underused feature is about to make your life a whole lot easier! CSS custom properties, often referred to as CSS variables or cascading variables, are a very powerful feature for building complex apps or websites. It hands you incredible flexibility as well as unlocking interesting possibilities. 

Websites are becoming increasingly complex with large amounts of CSS and many values that are repeated in various places. Take, for instance, color themes. If you need to replace a specific color that is used in countless different locations, you’ll have to perform an elaborate search. Custom properties lets you (re)define variables, making it a lot easier to maintain your CSS and achieve cleaner styles.