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Sales Solutions Specialist

Are you a dynamic professional with a knack for spotting opportunities and a heart for client-focused solutions?

In a nutshell

Do you create digital fireworks?

Are you always on the hunt for prospects and clients to serve their every, digital need?

Soft skills

  • Build and maintain strong relationships

  • Strong written communication skills as well as verbal skills, both in person and by telephone.

  • Create and deliver compelling presentations in an enthusiastic manner

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of our service offerings

  • Understanding of different client segmentations

  • Knowledge of negotiation principles and techniques

  • Familiar with different sales methodologies


Hungry for a challenge?

At Digiti, we're not just passionate about all things digital; we're driven to fuel our clients' growth with creative solutions and customer-centric strategies. Our team of experts in digital strategy, growth marketing, UX/UI Design and web and app development is committed to delivering results that dazzle our clients.

Your purpose

As a Sales Solutions Specialist, you'll be the driving force in delivering tailored solutions to our prospects. You go beyond closing deals; you create partnerships that foster growth.

Soft skills

  • Communication Skills: You possess strong written communication skills as well as verbal skills, both in person and by telephone.

  • Presentation Skills: You create and deliver compelling presentations in an enthusiastic manner that highlight the value of Digiti's solutions.

  • Analytical Thinking: Capacity to analyze data, identify trends, and generate insights that inform and improve sales strategies.

  • Relationship Management: Building and maintaining strong prospect and customer relationships through regular communication, follow-up, and networking.

  • Teamwork: To achieve sales objectives, you'll collaborate effectively with various teams within Digiti, such as operations, marketing, design, and development.

  • Time Management: You're able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritize, and meet deadlines in a dynamic environment.

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of our service offerings: You understand our services, such as: Digital strategy, growth marketing, web and app development, etc. Of course you can depend on our colleagues to get you up to speed, but you're a quick learner and are eager to familiarize with our company and offerings.

  • Sales Methodologies: Familiarity with various sales methodologies and techniques.

  • Customer Segmentation: Understanding of different customer segments, their needs, and purchasing behavior to develop targeted sales strategies.

  • Negotiation Skills: Knowledge of negotiation principles and techniques to achieve win-win agreements with customers.

  • You speak fluent tech: you know your way around tools & have background knowledge in digital. You're aware of the industry landscape, market trends, competitor analysis, and potential growth areas.

  • Multi-lingual: You're able to communicatie both in Dutch and English.

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All the tools you could wish for

Prefer to work with certain tools that allow you to perform even better? We’re happy to purchase them for you.

Group insurance

No need to worry about your retirement savings. We also provide a retirement plan so you can rest assured.

Travel expenses

We'll take care of your travel expenses, of course. Depending on your position and personal situation, you're eligible for a company car.

20 days of leave + 12 ADV days

Thanks to our 40 hour work week, you get an additional 12 ADV days on top of your 20 days of annual leave.

Meal vouchers and ecocheques

You'll receive a daily meal voucher of €8 per working day. Additionally, every year you will also receive ecocheques.

Hospital insurance

We like to take care of you, also when you fall ill. Our DKV insurance plan ensures you get the best care.

Team fun guaranteed

"Work hard, play hard" That's the motto we live by. Your hard work will be largely compensated by all the fun team activities we organize.

Training budget

We like to invest in you and your skill set. The training budget will stimulate you to keep growing.

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