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We did it! We're officially the "International Disruptive Champ of the Year". Digiti won this prestigious FeWeb award for contributing to the innovative app Care4Today. The team charmed the jury with some cool tech magic and blew the competition off its feet. Discover Care4Today’s road to success.

Care4Today: a healthcare game changer 

The groundbreaking digital application Care4Today is designed to actively involve patients of all ages. Hospitals often face difficulties in providing their patients consistently with relevant information. Armed with the proper education patients can be more motivated and empowered to proceed smoothly through the entire treatment pathway.

The app makes it possible to shorten recovery. It helps hospitals and health care providers to monitor patients more accurately and provide better care.

A stunning team effort

Teamwork makes the dream work. The Care4Today project wouldn’t be as promising without the expertise of a great team of designers and developers. Marie-Anne’s fierce project management skills were the icing on the cake.

Digiti designed Care4Today in association with a major pharmaceutical company. Agile working was the driving force during development. The design team organized weekly meetings to present new prototypes until they identified a suitable design. Our developers then dived into the design’s technical feasibility and implemented it after stories were created in Jira. A real patient audience tested critical features to uncover and solve user difficulties. 

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Overcome UX barriers

One of the main challenges of Care4Today was to guide patients of all ages successfully through their treatment journey. Simplicity was key. 

Our UX designers seized the opportunity and came up with a smart, user-friendly interface. It guides patients through all the steps of their healing process as intuitively as possible.

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