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Land a job at Digiti

Sign your new job at Digiti and within the year we’ll fly you to your preferred city to enjoy a short holiday. We welcome you back at our office, fully rested and ready to kick ass with our team. Sounds good, right?

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You need a fresh start

Are you a little rusted in your current job? Getting tired of the same old song? When it's time for something new... it's time.

To smoothen your transition, we've already picked out some awesome vacation spots to choose from. Everybody needs a break once in a while, and we want to make sure your first one at Digiti is unforgettable!

Come fly with us

Are you looking for a tight, involved agency... with close collaborations and flexible working? Do you possess a health dosis of crazy and a "the sky is the limit" attitude? Well, look no further!

Expand your horizon @ Digiti!

Let's meet Thumb

How does it work?

Let's meet

Do you like what you read? Every new challenge starts with applying. In the form at the bottom of this page you can add your resume and/or LinkedIn profile so we'll know you're interested.

Our HR queen Thalia will carefully review your profile and invite you for a short phone call to see if there is a genuine digital spark. 

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Get hired

So there was digital chemistry?
Now, we have some challenges for you to see what you got.

  • The assessment
    You'll receive a case to work on and make a presentation about it.

  • The interview
    We'll invite you to chat about the assessment. It's a perfect moment to get a good feel for each other and whether we’ll be a digital dream team.

  • The offer
    We'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Choose a destination

You made it! Congrats! But, in the first months you work for us... we demand you take a break. Choose a city, relax for a few days and charge your batteries.

Where will you go?

  • Barcelona

  • Lisbon

  • Edinburgh

  • Prague

  • Copenhagen


Digiti is a no-nonsense, full service digital agency in the Flemish Kempen. We design digital journeys, from fantasy to fireworks! Specializing in crafting digital success stories with a special emphasis on customer centricity.

Flexibility boosts motivation

Work-life balance is not a buzzword for us. Flexibility is key in our sector! A healthy mix of office and home work boosts motivation and creativity.

More agency, less factory

At Digiti no 2 days are the same. From small businesses to multinationals, mobile apps to websites and workshops to client meetings, you'll be doing it all!

Your Fuzzy Plan

You’ll get time to invest in your personal growth plan, based on the feedback you’ve received combined with your own development ambitions.

Dream team

We're not a big agency. And we love it! Working closely and supporting each other allows us to stay in touch at all times, making sure we all succeed.


Every quarter, the whole team takes half a day to give presentations on any interesting topic they would like to tell us about.

Team Huddles

On a regular basis, we huddle with the team to share company and project updates, but we also talk about cool stuff in the digital world.

Ready to take the trip of a lifetime? ✈️

Send your application to us! And before you know... you'll be on a flight to a new challenge!