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Five steps to mastering Digital Strategy Cards

Take these steps when facilitating a strategic sessions with your cards:

Step 1

Identifying the challenge

Select a Business Challenge Card that closely reflects your immediate business concerns or objectives. This critical choice serves as the foundation for your session, setting a clear direction and focus. Consider various aspects of your current business landscape to ensure you choose a card that truly encapsulates the challenges you face.

Step 2

Choose relevant categories

Once you’ve identified your business challenge, you can choose relevant categories. Use the category card as your manual to select the categories that will help you aligning the appropriate solutions with your challenge. From this point onward, immerse yourself entirely in solution-oriented thinking!

Step 3

Matching solutions to challenges

From your organized categories, choose solutions that most effectively address your identified challenge. This is where critical thinking and strategic analysis come into play. Each card should spark discussions, allowing you and your team to explore various strategies and their potential impacts on your challenge.

Step 4

Prioritizing your approach

Once you have a selection of potential solutions, the next step is to prioritize them. Arrange the chosen Solution Cards in an order that reflects their significance and relevance to your challenge. This step is crucial in fostering a tactical debate about which strategies should be executed first, based on their potential effectiveness and impact.

Step 5

Documenting strategic insights

Document your chosen strategy lineup as a visual summary of the session. This visual representation serves as a valuable reference for future implementation and discussion. It helps in solidifying the strategies discussed and provides a clear guide for applying these insights in real-world scenarios.

While these cards are a powerful tool, sometimes a bit of expert guidance can make all the difference. Our team of seasoned strategists is ready to join you at your company.

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