Helpful tips and tools to boost your facilitation skills

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To support you in the facilitation of strategic sessions with Digital Strategy Cards, we've created a set of valuable assets, each tailored to bring additional clarity, efficiency and depth to your sessions.

  • ELMO tool to keep the conversation focused

  • Parking Lot tool to capture idea for the future

  • Communication tips to foster open and honest collaboration

To access these facilitation tools, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, you'll receive the entire set of assets, free of charge.

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ELMO - a tool for efficient discussions

Boost the efficiency of your strategy sessions with the ELMO technique, a practical tool to keep your discussions with Digital Strategy Cards focused and on point. When a conversation starts to veer off-topic or becomes unproductive, any team member can simply say 'ELMO' or use a designated ELMO card.

Implementing ELMO in your sessions ensures that every moment is spent constructively, respecting each participant's time and contributions, while maintaining a goal-oriented flow of ideas.

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PARKING LOT - your space for side ideas

The "Parking Lot" is a facilitation technique used during meetings and workshops to temporarily 'park' off-topic discussions and ideas for later review. When an interesting point arises that doesn't fit the immediate discussion, write it down on the Parking Lot card.

This ensures that great ideas are acknowledged and can be revisited later without derailing the session's focus.

Parking Lot template
With these tools, we're enabling teams to focus on constructive discussions and ensure that every idea is explored and every solution is aligned with business goals.
Mieke Scheirs, Strategist at Digiti

IMPACT/EFFORT MATRIX - prioritize ideas & decisions effectively

The Impact/Effort Matrix is an essential tool for informed decision-making in business strategy. It enables teams to effectively evaluate and prioritize their projects or ideas by considering two key aspects: the effort required for implementation and the potential impact on the organization. This matrix is particularly useful when you're faced with multiple options, as it helps in categorizing tasks based on their strategic value.

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Unlock effective facilitation tips

This valuable resource is packed with practical strategies and insights to enhance your Digital Strategy Card sessions.

Whether you're a seasoned facilitator or new to leading discussions, this guide offers everything you need to create a productive, respectful, and inclusive environment.

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