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Streamlined Information for Informed Decisions

The primary objective of this dashboard is to offer a comprehensive view of key business information.

Positioned at the top left, you'll find the sales pipeline, which provides a breakdown of leads, marketing and sales-qualified prospects, as well as the number of opportunities successfully closed. On the right-hand side of the pipeline, you'll notice the value of deals, while below, we've displayed the expenditure on media buying and time & material costs.

Lastly, at the bottom left, you can easily track the set goals and their current progress toward achievement.

Insights and Achievements

The main aim of this dashboard is to present a comprehensive overview of the sales team's performance.

At the top left, you'll find the total revenue generated by the sales team along with their annual target. The top right showcases the highest-performing salesperson based on their achieved value.

Moving to the bottom half, you can delve into individual salesperson performance, which includes the number of sales qualified leads (SQLs) contacted, the conversion of SQLs into deals, and the total number of closed deals.

Visualizing ROI for Marketing and Sales

This dashboard is dedicated to presenting a transparent view of the return on investment (ROI) for all marketing and sales activities—an indispensable aspect of every organization.

On the left side, you'll find a breakdown of average costs, ranging from visitors to sales qualified leads (SQL). The middle section highlights key figures such as the average cost per deal and closed deal. Meanwhile, the right side provides valuable information about the clients who have contributed the most revenue.

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Unveiling Lead Quality Insights

This dashboard offers valuable insights into the quality of leads. At the top left, you'll find the number of leads that have achieved marketing qualified status (MQL). Adjacent to it, we display the grades assigned to these MQLs. On the top right, we highlight the count of MQLs that surpass the critical threshold of 300 points in our scoring & grading process.

Moving to the bottom left, you can explore the distribution of grades assigned to leads during your selected period. Additionally, we provide the average score attained by leads within the designated timeframe. On the far right, gain further understanding through the average scores per grade, providing valuable insights into the activity of leads belonging to each grade.

Exploring Leads

This dashboard aims to enrich our understanding of lead acquisition, offering detailed information on the sources and channels of incoming leads.

The trendline showcased at the top provides valuable insights into the most successful periods for lead generation. Below, the pie charts offer a clear breakdown of lead origins, including region, conversion source, and channel. On the right-hand side, you'll find a comprehensive list, delving deeper into the performance of various conversion types. This holistic view enables you to make informed decisions and optimize lead acquisition strategies.

Unveiling Traffic and Insights

On the left, you'll find a comprehensive overview of each campaign's performance, specifically focusing on the generated traffic.

In the middle section, we present a detailed breakdown of the traffic originating from various advertising platforms, providing valuable insights into their individual contributions. Moving to the top right corner, you can track the total ad spend incurred up to this point. Just below, we offer a clear picture of the average Cost Per Click (CPC) for each advertising platform.

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