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De weg naar Digiti

Alright, so you want to apply for one of our positions? Great! Let's go over our hiring process, we'll explain every step of the way.

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Wat je kunt doen

Stap 1

Neem de eerste stappen'

Je hebt ons gevonden! Geweldig! We zijn enthousiast dat je geïnteresseerd bent om lid te worden van ons team!

All we need from you is your resume and if applicable a portfolio. Our HR queen Thalia will carefully review your profile to see if there is a genuine digital spark. 

If so, you’ll receive an invite for a first phone/Zoom call to go through the first steps.

Stap 2

Doe de beoordeling

If there was digital chemistry during the first call, we’ll move on to the assessment. The kind of assessment you’ll be given depends on which position you’re applying for. Give it your very best because you’ll present it to Derek, our CEO. 

Daarnaast zul je een Insights Discovery persoonlijkheidstest afleggen om te zien wat jou drijft.'

Stap 3

Heb het interview

You aced the assessment? Brilliant! We’ll discuss the assessment and of course we want to get to know you better. One of your potentially new colleagues, with a similar profile, will also be present so we can get a good feel for each other and whether we’ll be a digital dream team.

Stap 4

Ontvang een aanbieding"

You made it! We can’t wait for you to join our ranks! A special offer for you will be created, and once you’ve accepted, Thalia will draw up the contracts and pass them on for you to digitally sign. 

Congrats, you’re officially part of the team! Ready to get digilicious?

Een introductie om ervoor te zorgen dat je je vanaf dag 1 welkom voelt.

We heten je van harte welkom en begeleiden je gedurende je eerste 3 maanden bij Digiti.'

Ontdek meer"

We hebben de perfecte plek voor jou.

Do you feel like you could fit into our crew of experts? Do you have some serious skills and appetite to create digital fireworks? 

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