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Digital Strategy Cards are a catalyst for collaboration and strategic thinking. Ideal for marketing managers, sales leaders, and decision-makers. They foster problem-solving, team-building, and insightful discussions, vital for navigating today's digital challenges.

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Quick guide to Digital Strategy Cards

Transform challenges into strategies with these easy steps:

1. Identify a challenge: pick a challenge card matching your current business isue.

2. Sort solution cards: organize solution cards by category and select relevant cards from each category for your challenge.

3. Find matching solutions: choose the best solutions from your selections.

4. Prioritize: arrange chosen solutions by importance to the challenge.

5. Document insights: take a photo of your strategy layout for future reference.

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Tips for effective team collaboration

Foster open communication

Encourage all participants to share their ideas and perspectives, enhancing problem-solving and promoting inclusivity.

Respect diverse viewpoints

Value different approaches and solutions from team members, recognizing the importance of diversity in thought for innovative strategies.

Stay goal-oriented

Maintain focus on the primary objective, aligning discussions and decisions with broader business goals and specific challenges.

Encourage active listening

Practice active listening to fully understand each other’s viewpoints, crucial for developing cohesive strategies.

Celebrate collective efforts

Recognize and appreciate the contributions of all participants, fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere.

Leverage diverse expertise

Utilize the unique skills and experiences of each team member, enhancing the comprehensiveness and innovation of strategies.

Build on ideas

Adopt a 'Yes, and...' approach, encouraging the enhancement of ideas rather than dismissing them, to promote a positive environment and creative solutions.

Reflect and debrief

After each session, take time to reflect and discuss as a group what strategies were effective, facilitating the application of insights to real-world business scenarios.

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Digital Strategy Cards are the key to unlocking innovative thinking and collaborative solutions in the complex world of business strategy.
Jan Gevers, Strategist at Digiti

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